Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Something to Celebrate !

Out of the blue I received a really lovely and polite email from Matt at Dotcomgiftshop

Matt wrote that they were writing a post for their Blog about their favourite greeting card designs in Blogsphere and whilst researching they had found one of my Blog Posts


He asked if I would mind them mentioning it ?

Would I mind ? !!  Seriously - I was just so very pleased to hear that they liked it enough to feature it in a post highlighting ways in which sending cards for any occasion can "make someone's day".

The post features 16 different cards by different designers for occasions such as birthdays, good luck cards etc, and highlights techniques used for some of the cards.

This is what they chose to post about my humble little card

"Tell them how you feel – you’ll make their day!
Know someone amazing who deserves to be told?

Well Linda Parker of Papercraft with Crafty has designed the perfect card for the job.

We love the heart motif, banner cut-out and the gold gingham background of this creation. What a lovely way to tell someone how you feel! "

I was chuffed that they got what I was aiming for - that it is good to tell someone they are amazing. In doing so, they really made my day.   Its great to know that out there somewhere in Blogsphere, someone does like what you are doing and what you are creating.  Makes it all very worthwhile.

So its a huge "THANKS" from me to Matt and his team at dotcomgiftshop for the boost and the mention.

Why not hop over and take a look at what the dotcomgiftshop is all about - its a cracking concept with ideas and gifts for all occasions and so much more !   You will find Life Style links, Interior Design, Hobbies, Competitions.


Thanks again Matt for making my day xx

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  1. Wow! How flattering, and well deserved. Any one of your projects deserves to be mentioned.

    1. Thank you Mrs D for all your support and kind comments xx

  2. Congratulations, well deserved! 💃

  3. Talent will always out itself, well deserved Linda. X Ros

  4. Oh Linda had to say a few words to say Congratulations and what a well deserved accolade to you!! Well deserved <3 x


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